speeding up Grails (Grails performance tuning)

I just start a performance tuning project for a Grails application that is production for more then 2 years. during this time we did some work and also upgrade the Groovy/Grails version. the current version is the latest 1.3.7

As a starting point i want to share a Spring webcast by Peter Ledbrook i attend a few month ago.

this going to give you some idea of the things we need to do and check. Spring are using their tools for the mission – i’ll use other open source tools as well…

this is the first post of a series of posts about the Groovy & Grails performance issue.

Groovy & Grails Intro. meeting (hosted by Interbit)

on Monday September 26 , we did our first Groovy & Grails Introduction hostedby Interbit in Ramat-Gan .

20 developers came to see a short introduction of  Groovy and a live Grails demo.

you can download the meeting slides and the demo source code from the Interbit site: